Overall Agreement Between All The Parts Of An Artwork

According to Alex White, author of The Elements of Graphic Design, the realization of the visual unit is a main objective of graphic design. If all elements match, a design is considered unified. No part is considered more important than the design. A good balance between unity and diversity is necessary to avoid a chaotic or inanimate design. [10] The artwork is designed to enhance the body copy provided by the client and designed for an 81-2-× 11, duplex, full-color, tri-trinity brochure. All graphics are created to the customer`s specifications and use the graphics provided by the customer. GMS Designs can complement other graphics with customer agreement. All custom graphics received by the image houses are paid for by the customer. The project is designed with a combination of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. The final artwork is published in a file format suitable for the commercial production of printing machines. If the customer does not have an acquisition printer, GMS Designs issues three (3) recommendations. Value (or sound) is the relative lightness or darkness of one form over another.

The value scale, limited to one end by pure white and the other by black, and in between a series of increasingly dark shades of grey, gives an artist the tools to make these transformations. The following value scale shows standard variations in tones. Values close to the brighter end of the spectrum are called high-keyed, which at the darker end are weakly scratched. But a contract is as good as the people who sign it. Trade relations are based on trust. Indeed, many agreements are concluded by handshake, which is sufficient if both parties are trustworthy. So the rule that you have to live is this: if you feel that your partner is not negotiating in good faith, you leave. Nothing you put in a contract will protect you. It is a good idea to have a clause that describes what will happen and the fees that will be charged in the event of cancellation of the project. If the cancellation is made for reasons that are not under your control, a kill fee must be charged based on a percentage that represents the completed work phase. The Graphic Artists Guild manual states: “Typical fees for services rendered can be 25-50% if the work is killed during the first phase of the sketch, 50% if killed after the end of the sketch phase, and 100% if they are killed at the end of the final design.” They should also authorize payment in case work is refused due to customer dissatisfaction, which also depends on where the project is located.

The GAG also says: “Common cancellation fees represent one third of the total tax if it is cancelled before the end of the final art, and 50 to 100 per cent after the completion of the final work of art.” This is a negotiating issue, but it should be foreseen.

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