Vivado End User License Agreement

There are two ways to get a license for a free or acquired product authorization: Yes, for a LogiCORE IP Core network list to obtain current license status, the LogiCORE IP Core needs to be regenerated. To download and install the design tool, you need to sign up for Then the download and installation tool is at your disposal. Once you`ve obtained a license, you can use Vivado License Manager (Vivado) to set up your license with Xilinx design tools. NOTE: The registration and check-out of the license is automatic when an application is open and closed. Entries and outputs do not require specific user action. Yes, the FLEX license works with all versions, updates or service packs of the software that are released before the version limit expires. The original customer account administrator is the “Ship To” contact that is identified during the product ordering process. This person receives an email with instructions to download and license the various products purchased. It is important that the customer account administrator follows the link in the email, as he can ensure that he has access to the products purchased.

The end user or administrator can initiate a re-metization (license modification) operation of the Xilinx product licensing site for basic certificate licenses. To edit an existing license file, click the Manage License tab, select the license file in the master view, and then click the Edit License button in the detailed view. After clicking to agree to destroy all copies of this old key, the customer can generate a new key for the new machine. An end user is allowed to do 3 of these self-service rehost operations, and an administrator is allowed to delete 5 deletions or rehosts per main version. If this number is exceeded, the end user or customer administrator must call Xilinx Customer Service to reset the automatic permissions for hosting/deleting. A LogiCORE IP Core license can be either floating or node-locked. The type of license is determined when the license is generated at the time of purchase. The binary software files used for different levels of software (z.B. Trial, WebPack, Design Edition, etc.) are identical. Therefore, the level of Xilinx software can be changed at any time by purchasing a license of the desired level on the De Xilinx site.

See “How do I get a license?” Device families and software for the level of the selected software must also be installed before they are used. The number of a Xilinx floating license is a difficult limit. If you have 20 seats and 20 users use licensed tools at the same time, all licenses will be used. If a 21st user tries to run the tool, the tried license control fails and the application is not run.