Bayside Council Agreement

Performance plans allow staff to work with their supervisor to set goals to achieve results related to the overall objectives set out in the Commission`s plan. Training and development needs are also identified. All obligations under the planning contract have been fulfilled by the proponent and the planning contract is considered to be concluded and is no longer active. Planning agreements have been notified to the public, but have not yet been implemented by the Council. As a general rule, a proposed planning agreement is submitted to the Council for review and adoption following notification. Like other councils, we believe bayside will not explore a 14-day pay cycle when this three-year contract expires. “After a series of intensive negotiations, I am proud to announce that employees voted overwhelmingly in favour of a new enterprise contract to ensure that colleagues working side by side have equal access to rights, regardless of the previous Council that employed them,” he said. A planning contract cannot be concluded, amended or revoked unless the proposed agreement, amendment or revocation has been made public and a copy of the proposed agreement, amendment or revocation is available for public consultation for at least 28 days. If a new employee (in the last 12 months) has a prior service with a Victorian city council, the accumulated long-term leave can be transferred to our organization. Up to 20 days of sick leave can also be transferred. Any transfer of long service leave will be carried out in accordance with the local government (Long Service Leave) regulations 2012.In case of Victorian state government departments, we have reciprocal agreements for the transfer of long-term service leave. Sick leave is not communicable. “We are the first merged Board to achieve a compensation system and a harmonized set of terms and conditions for all employees.

Bayside Council Mayor Bill Saravinovski thanked the unions and the staff negotiation team for their efforts to reach the first harmonized agreement on wage and employment conditions for a merged council. However, unlike employees of another Victorian city council, there is no obligation to recognize past services of intergovernmental municipalities, public or federal governments or private sector organizations. To verify that you have the right to transfer your service leave, please contact the Human Resources Department at 9599 4472.